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Hieronder een paar foto's van Lost Highway van het concert in Valthermond
op zaterdag 4 november  2006,
georganiseerd door "The Colonial Country Club"

Below some pictures of Lost Highway during the concert in Valthermond
in the Netherlands on Saturday November 4  2006,
organized by "The Colonial Country Club"

Schaapskuilweg 14
8772 PG Valthe NL
31 591 513103



Eric Uglum (Mandoline en Gitaar en Zang),
Matt Hotte (Fiddle),
Joe Ash (Bas en Zang),
Ken Orrick (Gitaar en Zang) en
Josh Tharpe (Banjo).


Eric en Joe.




Joe, Ken en Josh.


Eric, Joe, Matt en Ken.



  Josh.   Eric, Matt, Joe en Ken.
  Lost Highway

Lost Highway is built around the smooth lead singing and rhythm guitar of Ken Orrick. His rich, soulful voice and his fine original songs, written in the best traditional style, define the Lost Highway sound. He is a stylist in the tradition of his musical mentors: the Stanley Brothers, Larry Sparks, Lester Flatt and Melvin Goins.
Eric Uglum, founding member of nationally-known bands Weary Hearts and New Wine, applies his powerful and heartfelt vocals as well as his expressive lead playing and insistent, clean rhythm on both mandolin and guitar.
Joe Ash, a graduate of South Plains College, handles the bass playing duties for Lost Highway and has been performing traditional music in and around the Bakersfield area for a number of years.  Joe has played with Pacific Crest and Ron Spears and Within Tradition. 

Josh Tharp (banjo) was born in Phoenix, Arizona on August 30, 1982, he is a third generation Arizona Native with deep Southern roots. His first taste of music was at church, he was the roadie for the trumpet / saxophone player on the worship team, he also played the clarinet for a short time in grade school, but quickly gave that up for the bells (closest thing they had to the piano). In Junior High School he continued to play the bells, but also played the keyboards in the jazz band. He started to play the bass in his freshman year of High School, mostly with his Dad at church and family gatherings. Sometime in the summer of 1998 he got the crazy notion that he wanted to play the banjo, he finally got hold of a tenor banjo and it didnít take him long to figure out that was not what he was looking for. Then he got his first five string banjo and fell into the world of bluegrass. After graduating High School in 2000, Josh attended Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, were he was taught to build and repair stringed instruments. After graduating from there he took some piano tuning and repair classes at Glendale Community College. Since his encounter with the banjo there has only been one other love in his life a one hundred and ten pound redhead named Ruby. He used to play with Just N Time Bluegrass, a family band with his parents, until he was invited to join Lost Highway this past.

Matt Hotte is a young man (17 years of age) and well aware of where he wants to go with his traditional bluegrass music. Matt plays all instruments. His favourite is the fiddle. He has played mostly banjo with Liberty Bluegrass, a Texas based band, and is making fans all across the country. Matt lives near Edmonton, Alberta Canada. His father and mother and younger sister all play and perform some bluegrass music shows. Matt has a vast knowledge of bluegrass music. His future is wide open and he will surely make his mark deeper into traditional bluegrass music.

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